Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Spirit Evident In Nanaimo

Hampers Help 4651 People In Nanaimo This Year

Another huge effort this year by the regular staff bolstered by an army of volunteers has seen Hamperville distribute hampers to 4651 people representing 2135 different households.

More than 1275 individuals and groups came alongside the regular staff to receive, sort and deliver a mountain of food to those in Nanaimo who are in need.

Loaves and Fishes will resume regular hours of operation again starting January 4/16.

7-10 Club 
Put On Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Christmas Day

Councillor Fuller spent his night before Christmas cooking up many turkeys which made the Christmas Dinner at Generations Church another welcome event for many in Nanaimo. The breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by the 7-10 club is made possible by many,many volunteers coming together under the direction of Gord who took it upon himself last year to put on a Christmas Day dinner when he found out no one else in town was doing one. Kudos to Gord and the many who volunteered food and time to make this day a whole lot nicer for many appreciative folk.

Both of these events are an example of how caring and giving Nanaimo can be. It would be delightful though if none of these efforts were necessary.


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  1. Now that's a councillor, Fuller, who cares!

    Warmest Holiday Wishes.



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