Monday, December 14, 2015

City Managers Plan To Save $816,000.00

City Manager to achieve administrative savings through executive downsizing
Changes to be presented during tonight’s Special Open Council meeting

Tonight, Nanaimo City Manager, Tracy Samra, will outline to Council details of her plan to save the City approximately $816,000 per year by eliminating three General Managers and freezing one Manager position.  This decision, effective December 31, equates to an approximate 0.85 per cent overall tax savings and will allow Council to introduce a ZERO per cent property tax increase for 2016.

Of the three General Manager positions to be eliminated, one (the General Manager of Corporate Services) is currently vacant.

The changes introduced tonight continue the trend towards flattening the organization through the reduction of senior staff. All of the City's department-head positions will now report directly to the City Manager.

The forthcoming Core Services Review will examine the City's largest business areas - Parks, Recreation and Environment and Engineering and Public Works - to ensure responsibilities previously held by the former GM positions remain effectively supported using existing management personnel.

"This announcement is intended to support two desired goals. First, reduce spending at City Hall by removing positions whose functions can be absorbed and effectively managed through our team of experienced department-heads, and second, assist Council in meeting its objective of reducing the current tax burden on property owners by identifying areas where the City can save money.  I am confident the changes I will discuss in detail tonight make considerable progress towards each of these goals."  -  Tracy Samra City Manager City of Nanaimo 



  1. Only one thing to say, "THANK-YOU!"


  2. This will mean a heavier load for the City Manager but I believe it will mean a more efficient operation. Well done.


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