Thursday, December 03, 2015

Colliery Dam Auxiliary Spillway Construction

Look at the size of that thing!!



  1. Why does it need to be so big? Its going to look ridiculous and so out of place.OVERKILL

  2. The least invasive, the least destructive, the least expensive, option, we will do what is right, guaranteed, so say us.

    This is what happens when the taxpayers of Nanaimo trust the city council and senior staff of Nanaimo with a blank cheque. This is what happens when Dianne Brennon questions the motives for an investigation, by the people that come forward with some basic questions, questioning citizens integrety and accusing them of having arrived at possible predetermined judgements and conclusions.

    Is this the result of the Mayor and Councils hasty assessments based on their three years of the most expensive information available, their stonewalling and off the cuff rejection of alternative options presented, in their rush to implement their farcical best option, based on their better judgement and off the cuff conclusions.

    I hear so clearly, the cash sucking sound, coming from the milking machine in the City's milking parlour, aka, The City Hall of Nanaimo.

    Oh you fools, you crazy fools, won't you never see.

  3. Guess the city feels - BIGGER is better! (#&$*

  4. Just rip the dam out...


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