Thursday, December 17, 2015

RCMP Field 100 Calls - 'Typical' Day

It’s a busy time of the year

Any first responder will tell you- the holiday season is an extremely busy time of the year and all look forward to a much deserved break at Christmas time, to spend some much deserved down time with family and friends. Yesterday, Wednesday December 16th, was a typical 24 hour period with 100 calls for service, which included:
  • 4 break & enter, 9 thefts, 5 mischief 
  • 9 Assist other agencies
  • 5 alarms 5 abandoned 911 calls 
  • 2 assaults, 2 abandoned vehicles 
  • 5 disturbances, 2 domestic disputes
  • 1 mental health, 2 bylaw complaints
  • 11 suspicious persons, 2 threats 
  • 4 traffic complaints, 3 check well being 
  • 2 unwanted persons 
  • 1 fight , 2 frauds, 2 keep the peace 
  • 1 drugs, 1 intelligence, 1 breach
  • 4 property complaints, 1 possible shots fired 
  • 2 motor vehicle accidents, 1 recovered stolen 
  • 2 assist general public, 1 harassment ,1 shoplifter

Some calls for service will be handled over the phone while others require officers, sometimes 2 or 3, to attend, for several hours, to find out what happened and conduct the appropriate follow ups. Many files will stay active for months if not years while it works its way through the criminal justice systems. Regardless of the call, whether it is from a concerned citizen who hears noises in their yard late at night, a 2 car motor vehicle incident with injuries or persons fighting, each must be dealt with professionally and given the attention and service, the general public has come to expect and deserves.

"Looking at the list of calls, it is clear the Nanaimo RCMP relies heavily on various municipal, provincial and federal agencies to carry out their duties. All of these agencies are dedicated professionals who are called upon daily to assist our officers. They work long hard hours and hopefully they too will have some time to decompress and enjoy the holiday season”, said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.


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