Friday, December 11, 2015

Some Holiday Safety Tips

Tis the season to give but some, choose to take 

While most embrace the Holidays as a time for giving and spending quality time with friends and family, others unfortunately use it to take. Don't be complacent this year and allow the selfish acts of others to dampen this special time of the year.

The following are suggestions to assist with holiday planning and your overall security:
  • gifts, valuables and even small change should never be left in plain view in vehicle 
  • when in food courts or paying for purchases, never leave parcels, purses, backpacks, or phones unattended for any period of time
  • do not throw your receipts in the trash, keep all receipts or if not needed, shred
  • cover your PIN when using your debit card or credit cards from "shoulder surfers
  • pickpockets are active, keep purses close to your body and zipped, men should be weary of leaving wallets in back pockets 
  • keep doors and windows to your home or apartment locked at all times

"Report suspicious activity immediately, the person you see checking vehicles on your street, may have already broken into dozens of other cars.  Your call may put a stop to it", said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

For more tips to keep you and your belongings safe this holiday season, click  here .


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