Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wellcox Property Moving Ahead

City Completes Environmental Studies on Waterfront Lands
Site can be redeveloped using a risk managed approach

Environmental studies associated with the City-owned 26.7 acre waterfront parcel at 1 Port Drive have been completed.  The studies reveal that while the majority of the property was created through reclamation using coal waste, the site can be redeveloped using a risk managed approach.

The Ministry of Environment has given approval for the lands to be subdivided, rezoned and for development permits to be issued.  Future development will use the baseline information from the environmental studies to determine how the soils can be recycled on site or disposed of to an approved facility.

The City has completed a Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation, Detailed Site Investigation and a Detailed Risk Assessment. Total cost of the studies was $440,000 which was supported by a $175,000 grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

The studies have identified 3 areas of contamination on the property that do not need to be removed from the property if they are risk managed.

The Ministry of Environment has removed the 'high risk' designation from the property which allows redevelopment of the property to move forward.

"The completion of the environmental studies is another key milestone in unlocking the development potential of this key waterfront parcel. The approvals we have received from the Ministry of Environment will allow us to proceed with redevelopment of the lands in the near future."  -  Bill McKay Mayor City of Nanaimo

The City is currently undertaking a Master Plan for the property. Public input will be sought in the spring of 2016.



  1. An opportunity to do it right !
    seawall, park, housing, retail, and transportation hub, perfect site for a multi use waterfront.
    No stadium, or multiplex, waterfront is not the place for such venues

  2. Perfect area for a downtown multiplex!

    Downtown restaurants and pubs and stores would see an influx of concert, hockey and event goers.

    Lower Mainlanders could come across on the fast ferry when it starts up or a seaplane if the terminal is moved, even use the railway if a commuter train could be put on the tracks which go right into the site.

    Look at Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Victoria, etc. You put these arena/multiplexes right downtown where all your shopping and transportation hubs are.


  3. good thing saner heads are prevailing. the multiplex has been nixed by most already.

    This 'city' is not big enough for one. There will be a hockey arena going up just down the road at the old Tallyho site. That will be enough.

    Let's have a decent waterfront for everyone, not just pro sports fans.

    ps pro sports are not as popular as they once were. Interest is waning for all of them.

    1. Someone definitely needs to give their head a shake...or three.


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