Friday, December 11, 2015

Will Boathouse & Paddling Centre Get Council Nod?

Nanaimo Boathouse & Paddling Centre
delegations before council Dec. 14

There are five delegates appearing before city council on Monday at the Special Open Council Meeting which starts at 4:30 pm in the Shaw Auditorium.

Delegates for the Nanaimo Boathouse and Paddling Centre Society appeared before council in June 2014 looking for support of their project. They were looking for a commitment that the city would provide $100,000/yr. to fund operations and were also looking for the city to give approval to the project in principle.

It was not entirely clear what kind of capital contribution the city might be committing itself to had they given the project approval in principle. Council at that time heeded staff's recommendation to not approve the project until such time as the project was considered a priority.

The notice given by the delegation simply states: Nanaimo Boathouse Society - request for approval of Community Capital Projects Step 2 - Approval in Principle, for the Nanaimo Boathouse & Paddling Centre at Brechin.

Given that this council has yet to undertake the promised Core Services Review which should be considered before making any more new commitments to spend tax dollars, it will be interesting to see how council handles what will likely be considerable political pressure from those seeking city support.



  1. I suppose it would be a great addition to the harbour, however, how's about we keep finishing off the sea wall first. I am willing to bet more people get more use out of that.

  2. Is this the right location for a new boathouse? When the ferry traffic backs up onto Brechin and Stewart, it makes it difficult to get to that location. Would a location at Departure Bay beach be better? There is two vacant lots on Departure Bay road,[ one is for sale.]

    1. The boathouse people, who claim they've got sooo much support, should be able to buy the lots with all their own money then - none from the taxpayer. It is their sport they love.

  3. The gaul of these people. Don't they realize it's a WANT not an essential need for the city.

    I cannot believe they keep coming back for city help.

    If it is such a worthwhile idea for them they need to do it all on their own and stay away from city hall.

  4. Let me tax money for another hobby.


  5. extend the seawall first. We need a seawall that stretches from the ferry terminal to the cruise ship terminal, and beyond. 'That' would be in the public interest. That would be a draw for locals and tourists. That would be a worthy tax expenditure.

    Our population is aging, not rowing !

    1. Seawall to Departure Bay first thank-you very much


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