Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Your Nanaimo Taxes Hard At Work

Auxiliary Spillway Colliery Dams
Good use of tax dollars?

Remember the reason for this multi-million expenditure of tax dollars?? Perhaps we could ask Mr. Kenning, or Ms Clift or the original engineer or Mr. Swabey ....... unfortunately they are no longer in the employ of the city.

And city Councillors encouraged to 'get on with it' have lost any appetite they might have once had to get to the bottom of how exactly Nanaimo went through three years and three million dollars to prevent an event that had minimal consequence in a worst case scenario.

If you want to see how a few million tax dollars are being flushed down the drain, take a walk at Colliery Dams when this monstrosity of a ditch is finished. Taxes going up to support needed services, is one thing, going up to support this kind of effort is quite another.



  1. I say hold the feet of the councilors who championed this to the fire, and the ones who are no longer on council, and make them pay out of their own bank accounts!

    If you hold those accountable for their actions they are sure to THINK long and hard before following trumped-up scenarios and mere whims to throw away taxpayers money.


    1. Was it Iceland who took their government individuals and charged them? Hold them accountable or there will never be any forethought to spending!

  2. Don't forget some of the politicians who mismanaged this whole issue are also gone..... folks like Ruttan, Greves, Anderson etc. However the taxpayer is still paying.

    1. I remember either Brennan or Johnstone said how happy their son was when the firemen came by to warn them of the calamities that would happen once the dam burst. And how there was no question to either tear down this ready-to-fall structure or spend and spend to repair.

      Let us not forget at election time who said what!

  3. It is a dam calamity the tax payers should never forget or let continue.


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