Tuesday, January 05, 2016

2016 Property Assessment Notices - Nanaimo BC


Property assessment notices are in the mail and likely received by most Nanaimo residents. This assessment is the basis for how much you will have to pay for city taxes, school taxes, hospital taxes, regional district taxes and library taxes.

Even though Council is considering a 0% tax increase it does not mean your taxes will not increase if your assessment increases over last year.

If you feel the assessment notice fairly reflects what you feel your home is worth then you really don't need to do anything, However, if you feel your assessed value has increased when compared to last year by more than you think is a fair assessment of the market value, then you can file an appeal and attempt to have your assessment reduced. Remember a reduced assessment will likely save you tax dollars when you get your tax notice from the city later this year.

To learn more about your 2016 Property Assessment Notice and what it means to you, visit the BC Assessment website HERE.

To compare the assessment on your home with other homes in your neighbourhood visit the eValueBC website HERE.


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