Friday, January 22, 2016

Nanaimo Daily News Closes - 141 Years Old

After 141 Years Daily News Closes

Black Press, owners of the News Bulletin and the recently acquired Daily News has announced they are closing the 141 year old newspaper as of January 29/16.

This did not really come as a shock to anyone understanding the economics of the print news business, as clearly competing with yourself in such a small market, simply isn't profitable.

The following is the short, sweet tweet posted on the Daily News Twitter page ..... ironic that the announcement first appears on their Twitter account, rather than their print edition...

Nanaimo will now be 'served' by the other Black Press publication which some see as mostly a wrapper for local flyers.



  1. You're going to have to step it up Jim. And..what I am going to wrap my kitchen waste in now? Thanks Conrad

  2. Again, a sign of the times: technology.

    Sad to hear the Daily News, formerly the Free Press, will be no more at the end of the week. The story should have been front page with reflections inside of 141 years - but I ass-ume head office did not want to underline the closing and delegated a short write-up to page 2.

    Hopefully this week we will see a look-back at the big stories covered and those who worked there when it was a bustling newsroom - the one I fondly remember located on the first, then second floors of 223 Commercial Street. Yes, I still remember the address off the top of my head and those clanging typewriters and teletypes (?) and the many good reporters, editors, photographers and friends.

    Journalism is speedily dwindling away in our country and it cannot be replaced by a Twitter or Facebook.

    I'm sure the politicians are smiling more and more - there are fewer reporters to scrutinize, take them to task and watch our money. :(



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