Friday, January 22, 2016

Screen To Be Removed From Diana Krall Plaza

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No Replacement Planned

The City of Nanaimo will be removing the Live Site screen and sound system that is located on the plaza side of the Port Theatre building. The equipment used to run the Live Site have reached the end of their useful life.

Increasing maintenance costs and the inability to source parts for the aging piece of equipment no longer make it viable to invest in and maintain. A saving of $15,600/yr. will be released by the screen's removal.

The LED modules will be carefully removed and sold off through the City of Nanaimo Purchasing department.

The sound system will be removed and possibly converted into a mobile sound system to be used for special events.



  1. Do you know the cost of the system when it was installed? I wonder if the citizens got good value for the original purchase and maintenance costs?

  2. GOOD, now how about making the square habitable ! Needs trees, benches, tables etc…it is the coldest, most depressing 'square' I have ever been in, worldwide frankly.
    It is just that, a 'square' with absolutely no life. when there is life, it is just overdone, amplified noise..Very sad example of public space.

  3. That downtown "business" group has not done one single thing to permanently fix up the Krall Koncrete since the city gave the group carte blanche control. (mistake)

    The screen was installed to watch the Vancouver Olympics but other than that has never really been used for much. Again, B.I.A. had control to do something with it but does not look like much done. It just became yet another waste of tax money! R.I.P. or RIPPED-OFF, again!


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