Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spillway At Colliery Dams Park

This is the size of hole it takes for the city to bury millions and millions of your tax dollars in, with the only real logic being bureaucrats that must be on drugs or one HUGE power trip!!

Be sure to remember who you have to thank for this waste. Although I think many of the senior staff responsible are no longer working for the city. If my memory is accurate Mr. Seward and Mr. Hickey and Mr. Sims are the only city staffers who help engineer this project.

This council in their wisdom decided not to proceed with an investigation into how we got into this mess. Remember that, when we are told how much money we are going to have to bury at the middle dam. 


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  1. This hole looks like a clean up after a environmental disaster. How will anyone forget the persons behind this colossal catastrophe to our park? We will pay for this mess for many years both spiritually and economically.


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