Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Westjet Nanaimo To Edmonton Flight Stops

Photo: Westjet Blog
Another Casualty Of Declining Oil Prices

Westjet has announced they will be suspending the direct flight from Nanaimo to Edmonton effective March 5/16. There are still two direct flights from Nanaimo to Calgary on a daily basis.

The flight direct to Edmonton only began in December of 2015 and has been impacted by the sharp decline in oil prices with the resulting impact on oil-related jobs in Alberta. Alberta has been bleeding jobs with the sharp downturn in oil prices and some would say uncertainty with government regulations is putting a damper on investor confidence at the moment.

The Alberta government change coupled with the Federal government change and promised changes in regulations does nothing to encourage investment in the industry for the time being.

Closer to home, there are no hard stats on the number of local families that will be affected but you can be certain that those lost oil patch pay cheques will be missed when they get replaced with EI. There are very few, if any, local jobs that would come close to replacing the money being earned in Alberta in recent years.


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