Wednesday, February 10, 2016

24 Hour Parking Limit - On-street Parking

The City of Nanaimo is reminding drivers there is a maximum on-street parking bylaw. The bylaw limits on-street parking to 24 hours before a vehicle must be moved.

This is not a new regulation and historically has been enforced on a complaint basis. The aim of the regulation is to prevent the storage of vehicles on busy city streets.

Acting bylaw manager Rod Davidson explained: "Long-term vehicle parking on City streets causes adjacent home owners frustration in not being able to park near their homes.  By requiring the ongoing turnover of parking spaces, everyone has a chance to access parking."

The bylaw carries a fine of $35.00 which if paid within 14 days can be reduced by 25%.

Street has become a parking lot

The above picture is my own street which over the past two years has become a parking lot during most of the day as a result of a couple of changes in the neighbourhood.

The first change came about when a lot with one home on it was subdivided into two lots which saw two new homes built, both of which either have secondary suites or have rented rooms to tenants. Most recently a single family home was converted to a two family dwelling, which in fact is being used as a 'group home', it also seems to have become an office/meeting place of sorts.

Most of the people using this place of business don't seem to realize that parking too close to a driveway entrance can cause safety issues with cars blocking your line of sight. It should be noted that it is illegal to park within 2 metres of a driveway entrance.


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