Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Hole In The Wall At Diana Krall Plaza

Live site screen removed

If you haven't been to Diana Krall Plaza recently you might be surprised to notice the absence of the 'big screen' that has been a fixture in the plaza for many years. The screen was an Olympics legacy project costing $389,000 with $330,000 coming from senior government.

The city recently decided to dismantle the screen which had passed it's useful life saving taxpayers over $15,000 per year. The LED modules have been removed and will be sold. Some components however are being retained to be used to extend the life of the screen on the VICC.

As of this writing I have not found out how the 'hole' is going to be dealt with but perhaps something creative can be done in conjunction with some grand overall plan for the Plaza itself. Few would deny that the plaza has never been able to live up to it's potential for reasons that make this humble scribes mind wobble. Talk about a diamond in the rough ...... still just looks like a hunk of coal! Not that I have anything against coal.

Any suggestions for the plaza? I noted that last year when the parklet was set up on Commercial St., just across from Diana Krall Plaza that on many days it outdrew the Krall Space based on the number of people using the space.

Come on Nanaimo we can do better than this...............


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  1. yah, cement tables, benches and plants for a start.


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