Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Way To Lower Nanaimo Taxpayers Taxes

Collect Fines From Every Business
Not Having A Business Licence In Nanaimo

I seem to recall there is a fine of up to $100/day for doing business in Nanaimo without a business licence.

A little birdie tells me that both Mr. Berry of Jerry Berry & Associates and Mr. Moss of Cracey Holdings have in fact now taken out business licences. I wonder how many days they would be subject to a fine, if someone chose to impose one?

I wonder how many other businesses are operating without the proper licencing, especially those who may be associated with doing business at city hall?? Mr. Kenning? Ms Habkirk?? Just a couple of names that come to mind.



  1. So we have a retired Nanaimo city manager who was in charge and would have been ultimately responsible for making sure businesses had licenses and followed city policies and a prominent Nanaimo businessman, whose company inked, some would say, a "sweetheart" deal buying the old annex, AND NEITHER HAD BUSINESS LICENSES FOR ALL THESE YEARS? Neither can plead ignorance here - both WOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!

    It reminds me of the quote - "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer."

  2. Very thankful for the eyes on city hall. Great job. Keep the heat on them.

  3. the moral of the story....a pair of establishment types pretending like they are righteous and doing the city good...when they are fleecing taxpayers? i'd say the city has a case to stop doing "business" with them

  4. Has Van Isle Consulting (Shauna Morgan) now purchased a business license too? I see on their web site Morgan and her partner have "over 50 years of combined expertise." How many years with / without a business license?


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