Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Auxilliary Spillway Estimate - $4,546,000.00

The City of Nanaimo released the following information with regards the Colliery Dams Auxilliary Spillway:

The following update provides cost information associated with the work taking place at the Lower Dam in Colliery Dam Park supporting the construction of an auxiliary spillway flood mitigation solution.

Work at the site began at the end of September 2015 and is scheduled to be completed in April 2016.  Due to a limited time frame during which the spillway could be built, detailed design drawings and specifications were developed in conjunction with active construction. Initial estimates placed the total cost for the project as ranging between $2.8 and $4.6 million. 

The complete cost estimate to finish the project on schedule has now been determined with a final cost projected at $4,546,000.  A number of factors contributed to the cost nearing the upper end of the initial estimate, including engineering supervision/environmental monitoring during the seven-month project and additional engineering /consultant analysis relating to site conditions. 

A cost estimate of $4,546,000 has been identified to complete the auxiliary spillway. Any adjustments to this estimate will occur monthly and will be posted to the City's website.

For the complete list of project costs to date and estimated final costs, please see the background information included with the online version of this news release.

"The auxiliary spillway is scheduled to be completed in mid April, at which time the bridge over the spillway will be operational and the trail reopened and flood signage below the dams will be removed."  -  Geoff Goodall City of Nanaimo 



  1. Naturally it ended up at the top end of the original guesstimate. It is cost plus you know. What else would it be. The figures that needs to be disclosed and hasn't been are the percentages for overhead and administration and percentage of profit. Those should both be in the contract documents and open to the public. Industry norms are 10% and 10% (on the higher end.) What are the percentages here?

  2. I want two questions answered, 1-who where the contractors employed to do the work, and what are the address's of their place's of business?
    2-what was the cost of the construction of the secant wall, and the engineering cost of this tailgate designed, and engineered as we go, best option. I want to see a breakdown of the engineering costs associated with the entire effort since 2014, the point at which the acceptable, lowest cost, least intrusive, least invasive, least destructive design option was tentatively approved, and bears no relationship to what is presently being constructed.The people of Nanaimo have been lied to since day one, the treasury has been plundered by engineering fees, leaving Nanaimo, little to nothing to show for it, except needless destruction. I demand a detailed accounting of each aspect of this project. The period of guesstimates and estimates is done, let the real numbers begin.


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