Tuesday, February 02, 2016

City Needs Your Input For New Website

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The City of Nanaimo is currently developing a new website and is seeking the public's input. This is the second time public input has been sought - earlier feedback from the public provided direction that information should be more easily found and understood, and that the website should provide a better experience on mobile devices such as smart phones. With the design portion of this project now underway, we would appreciate help in the following ways:

Join us February 16th for a small focus group meeting to help guide the "look and feel" of the website.  If you are interested in participating, please email the contact at the bottom of this news release.

Help us by validating the placement of information on our website by completing an online exercise.  This will help ensure that the information is in the location that the majority of residents would expect to find it. You can complete this exercise using the link below in the online version of this press release.

To express your interest in the February 16th design focus group, please email: ross.collicutt@nanaimo.ca.

"We are hoping to gather ideas from a broad cross-section of our community on how the City's new website should look and feel."  -  Ross Collicutt City of Nanaimo


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  1. I believe that we need a section in the web site which keeps the public aware of the programs of the City which are decided at the Regional District of Nanaimo. Seven of our nine Councillors serve on the RDN and vote as our representatives there.

    Approximately 27% (about $12,000) of the money received as remuneration by our Councillors comes from the RDN (via City tax collection) bringing their income -not including expenses- to about $44,280 per year, of which 1/3 in not taxable. RDN taxes paid by City of Nanaimo residents amounts to approximately 35% of the monies paid to agents outside the City, with the School taxes amounting to the other 65%.

    The RDN is a significant legislatively defined player in the lives of Nanaimo and its citizens. Most Citizens have trouble keeping up with the activities of the City which impinge on their lives and their fortunes. It is time that this circumstance is covered in the City of Nanaimo web site, at least in an overview of RDN matters which impact Nanaimo residents and taxpayers and how our Councillors are representing us.

    What do you think?


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