Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Council Agrees To Pay $20,000 Integrity Group Bill

City completes review of Council facilitator costs

A review of costs associated with hiring a facilitator to work with Council is now complete.  Fees totalling $20,000 were billed to the City in accordance with a 2015 agreement with the Integrity Group providing team building support.  Added to this amount, the Integrity Group also submitted an additional $28,000 in fees for work undertaken with the Mayor.  During an In Camera meeting held February 15, Council unanimously voted to pay the $20,000 portion of the current $48,000 total.

Final costs associated with services supplied by the Integrity Group total $48,000, of which $20,000 (via an agreement) was allocated to working with Council as a whole and will now be paid.

"The service provided by the Integrity Group has been completed.  Overall, progress was made by Council, both as individual Councillors and as a group."  -  Tracy Samra City Manager City of Nanaimo 


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  1. Since the other $28,000 billed was for working with/on the Mayor, and I have not heard council/staff say this portion was approved by a vote of council, will the Mayor therefore be paying for the $28,000 out of his own pocket and NOT by us taxpayers?



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