Thursday, February 25, 2016

Great Suggestion For Diana Krall Plaza

A Speaker's Corner
A great idea in need of a champion!

The following suggestion came from a follower on Facebook who put forward the suggestion we need a Speaker's Corner in the Krall Space! Excellent idea ....... now who is going to champion the cause?

A couple of suggestions to get the ball rolling, is that no topic would be off limits (profanity and common courtesy apply) and each speaker would have a limited amount of time unless the crowd wished to extend that time. It might take a soap box and sound system of some kind, but could provide a welcome venue for public engagement in things that matter to all of us.



  1. No we don't need a sound system. It's 'speaker's box' not a microphone event.

    why do we have to amplify everything in this country ???
    do it the way they do it in Europe---a simple human voice with something to say is enough

  2. Who is going to enforce a time limit on speakers? It sounds like a recipe for bureaucracy or fights.

  3. I would imagine the 'champion' of this project might act as the chair or moderator, or appoint someone. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out ...... is this the famous Nonaimo already beaking off?

  4. actually, on second thought, stupid idea. Everyone beaks off on the internet now, and judging by various comments sections, I am glad it is silent :-)

    how about some benches, some tables, and some trees, to begin with. This isn't London, no pressing need for public rants in our little town.
    Would get personal and ugly in no time flat :-)))

  5. Disagree, the public square is a far more personal and 'real' means of interacting. The Internet is sterile, faceless, nameless and just not very social, as much as it is called social network. Not sure why the assumption would be that rants are the only thing that people have on their minds. There could be some really great ideas just waiting to see the light of day. Heaven knows, the bunch in power are pretty uninspiring....

  6. yah maybe you are right

    Myopic, mind-numbing Nanaimo could use a little jolt of reality.

    Small towns are pleasant to live in, until you realize how 'small' they can really be.

    1. And re-do the plaza as well!


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