Friday, February 05, 2016

Hell's Angels Clubhouse Battle Continues

Over Eight Years - Still Not Resolved

An article in the Vancouver Sun reports the ongoing battle for the Hell's Angles clubhouse on Victoria Rd. in Nanaimo is still slowly grinding through the legal system.

The article states:

Last year, the director of civil forfeiture changed its strategy in the case, dropping allegations of past criminal conduct and claiming only that the clubhouse should be seized because it would be used in the future to commit crimes.

So the bikers went back to the B.C. Supreme Court judge overseeing the protracted proceedings and asked to regain access to the building pending the trial in May 2017.



  1. Not that I'm a lawyer...or for that matter have a crystal ball...but how can the prosecution say, someone/something COULD commit a crime in the future???

    That theory means I could be arrested (in advance) for saying I was going to pee in public.

    Think the gov't has screwed up on this one!

    1. Crown prosecutors are trying to have them labeled as a criminal organisation, just like Manitoba has (and other states/provinces/countries around the world). If you're a member of a known criminal organisation, it's not too hard to fathom you could be committing crimes in the future.


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