Monday, February 22, 2016

Housing Needed For Ten Syrian Refugee Families

Immediate need for 10 - 3 bedroom + units - $900/mo.

At the COW meeting on Feb. 22 it was reported the immediate need for housing for 10 Syrian families who will be arriving in Nanaimo as early as next week.

These families do not have local sponsors who would sponsor their housing for the first year, but rely on government funding to provide for their shelter. These are large families and require at least three bedroom housing. The families will be receiving government assistance the equivalent of social assistance which means a family of two adults and five children will receive $1500/mo. with $900/mo of that allocated as the 'shelter portion'.

Clearly there is a huge gap between what the government allows for shelter and the realities of the price of market rental prices in Nanaimo. It is hoped that landlords will come forward who want to help these people settle in Nanaimo and will be able to offer lower than market rents.

If this sounds like you, you should get in touch with the City of Nanaimo 250-754-4251 or the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society at 250-753-6911.



  1. Trudeau has all the answers, and he's spending like a wild man. Surely he can foot the bill for something that he created.

  2. Trudeau just shows up at the airport to take a bow!


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