Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nanaimo Gas Prices February 10 2016

Nanaimo Has Highest Prices Again

For sometime it seemed the prices for Comox and Duncan were on par with Nanaimo but it seems the Nanaimo gas cartel is emboldened again and thought we might not notice.

For any of us Imperial Dinosaurs remember that a 5 cent price difference per litre equates to 22.5 cents per imperial gallon. A few pennies difference on the price marquee becomes a considerable difference if you think in terms of gallons.

No doubt the presence of a Costco gas bar exerts downward pressure on local pricing. I can't remember if our local Costco wanted to put in a gas bar and city hall of the day didn't allowed it. Anyone's memory better than mine?

Following prices taken from Gas Buddy at 2:00 pm February 10/16.

Victoria 92.9

Duncan 92.9

Comox 89.9

Nanaimo 96.9

Calgary 61.9

Toronto 79.9

Ottawa 75.9

Lowest price in B.C. - Costco Prince George 70.9



  1. So what, Does anyone do anything about it other then complain.!!!

    1. Publicly complaining can do a lot. But if you look around a little there are groups that are trying strategic boycotting. You can find there groups on Facebook.

  2. No, because that is the Canadian Way..............

  3. And gas is 53.9 in Edmonton right now. Sickening what we pay.


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