Monday, February 29, 2016

Nanaimo Waterfront Never Reached Potential

One Time Tourist Attraction/Farmers' Market

Years ago this was the site of an underwater feature brought up here from Victoria. It was supposed to pack the locals and tourists in but for reasons I don't remember, it just never really ever got off the ground.

It is a huge building, you would think is just begging for the right idea to come along and breath life into what appears to be a prime piece of real estate.

Like many other diamonds in the rough around Nanaimo, we never seem to get past the study, let's talk about it some more stage. Conference centres, conference centre hotels, Hilton hotels, world class attraction on Newcastle, cruise ship terminal, etc. etc.



  1. Nanaimo's waterfront could be spectacular and also the catalyst for the re-invigoration of our downtown core. Having said that, it requires a long term, strategic plan to be put in place. The hodge podge of proposals for various projects we have witnessed in the past have done nothing except frustrate everyone concerned. I urge our council to cooperate with the SFN, Regional District, Provincial and Federal authorities to commence the discussions on this plan. We did it with Mafeo Sutton years ago. Let's get to work on finishing the job.

  2. I agree ! I can't stand the endless small town talk, and numerous failed proposals.

    Let's get this downtown/waterfront rolling. Enough with the whole annoyed 'taxpayer' thing, as well. It is counter productive and tedious. We need to do exactly what Kevin (above) says, and we need to stop our constant bickering and nit picking. Time to jump in the deep end and swim, Nanaimo. We really are a jewel in the rough, and people are starting to notice.

    1. By all means, to hell with the "whole annoyed taxpayer thing", let's spend! But isn't that what's been happening and why taxpayers are angry, because nothing has been done with the money? Wake-up call, again.

  3. The Departure Bay ferry terminal has "killed" all commercial development at Stewart and Brechin. You pay your ferry fare and go inside the Quay to shop and eat. The terminal is in the wrong location. Remove the terminal and commercial and residential development will quickly develop.

  4. The SDWI (South Downtown Waterfront initative is a 10 year framework that offered four different solutions for the area from the Gabriola Ferry Terminal to IR#1. it includes the Gabriola Ferry Terminal, the Seaspan truck terminal, the Wellcox yards, the Rail lines, and the NPA as well as a piece still owned by CPR.

    BUT you are right Jim Taylor, there is still lots of work to be done from Maffeo-Sutton to Departure Bay! I have no idea why the city staffers want to re-do Maffeo-Sutton and the Sway-a-Lana lagoon when it is already one of out biggestest tourist cards. Why ruin what is already working!.


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