Tuesday, February 02, 2016

RDN Sewage Outfall Replacement Project

$18 Million Outfall Replacement Project Underway
Dredging, Drilling & Blasting Progressing

The $18 million outfall replacement project is completing the work of dredging, drilling and blasting in the current fisheries window. The actual installation of the 2km of outfall pipe will take place sometime in the June - September fisheries window.

The new pipe will be filled with air and floated into place, filled with water to sink in place and will be held in place with large concrete collars. The treated sewage outfall will be in 70 metres of water, 2 km out in the Strait.

This will replace the current pipe which unfortunately is having to be replaced about 20 years before it was expected. In the past year there were two cases of the pipe failing at the shoreline at Morningside Park.


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