Monday, February 29, 2016

Shawn Jason Wheldon - Prolific Offender Arrested

Another prolific offender busted

A 40 year old prolific offender is behind bars and $7000 in stolen kitchen appliances has been recovered and returned to its owner.

On Thursday February 25, Shawn Jason WHELDON was arrested by the Nanaimo RCMP Street Crimes Unit operating an overdue 5 ton U-Haul truck. A search of the truck revealed numerous items which included cell phones, Canada post keys, a box cutter and a small quantity of illegal drugs. WHELDON was then linked to a local storage locker that was later searched and revealed a stolen commercial oven, soup warmer, speakers, coffee maker and tile cutter. All of these items were confirmed stolen during a February 22nd break & enter at Quizno's on Terminal Ave. The U-Haul was later returned to its owner undamaged.

A Judicial Bail hearing was held Friday February 26th where WHELDON was remanded in custody to appear on Monday February 29th before a Nanaimo Provincial court judge. This morning, after entering a plea of guilty to the Break and Enter and Possession of Stolen Property, WHELDON was promptly sentenced to 16 months jail time. 

"Prolific offenders account for the overwhelming majority of crimes committed in any given community. When a prolific offender is arrested, it can have a significant and immediate impact on crimes committed in the community and more importantly, in your neighbourhood” said Constable Gary O'Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.


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