Thursday, February 25, 2016

Things That Make Ya' Shake Your Head




  1. Slippery slope man, slippery slope------take them to court, throw them in jail…. but leave citizenship alone. open up that can of worms and where does it stop ? Fear makes us do much we might regret later.

  2. A headline that makes you 'nod' your head

    Conservative senators bristle at Trudeau Senate reforms

    yup, a real problem, the senate, not a made up one, like that red herring citizenship thing. Only became an 'issue' a week before the conservatives were going into the immigration election debate----not a peep about it before that-----hypocrites with a stage.

    Now it's another fear- based item we can viciously throw about while the economy, an epic conundrum, bonks us on our stupid, frightened heads.


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