Sunday, March 20, 2016

Check City Tree Bylaw Before Tree Removal

The City of Nanaimo would like to remind residents a Tree Management and Protection Bylaw is in place. The bylaw may require residents obtain a permit for the removal of even one tree on private property.

The City would also like to remind residents it is illegal to trespass onto public property to prune or remove trees for any reason without consent from the City.

Residents undertaking yard work involving the removal of trees are advised to review the Tree Management and Protection Bylaw.

Garry Oaks, Arbutus, Pacific Dogwood and Western Yew are of particular concern. A full list of tree species and critical sizes is listed in the bylaw.

"Urban forests benefit us environmentally, economically and socially. As this is a busy time of year for preparing yards and gardens for the season ahead, we wanted to remind residents about the Tree Bylaw."  -  Alan Kemp City of Nanaimo 


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