Tuesday, March 22, 2016

City LED Lighting Cuts Power Consumed By 50%

City lighting upgrade program saves money
enhances public safety

A number of public parking lots and City facilities have had their existing lighting upgraded to Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights. Upgrades were made to the North Nanaimo, South Nanaimo and Departure Bay Gateway Signs; City Park Operations Yard; Beban Park and Nanaimo Aquatic Centre lobby areas; Nanaimo Aquatic Centre leisure pool; Cavan Street and Brechin Boat Ramp parking lots and the Bastion parkade.

The new LED lights provide significantly reduced energy consumption by 50%, much longer life reducing maintenance costs and high quality light.

The City of Nanaimo receives incentives from BC Hydro for projects related to the Strategic Energy Management Program.

"LED lighting is a more efficient and effective way to light public spaces. The bulbs last longer, use less electricity and are brighter which provide an higher degree of public safety."   -  Scott Pamminger City of Nanaimo 


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