Saturday, March 12, 2016

Colliery Dams Spillway - A Very Costly Ditch

Photo credit; Thomas Warden
Over engineered 'ditch'?
Solving an unproven problem?

Anyone who has followed the Colliery Dams saga, started when Mr. Kenning was the city manager and Mr. Ruttan was the Mayor must wonder what in heck we are actually doing when you look at the current use of millions of tax dollars.

For over 100 years the existing spillway has handled everything Mother Nature has thrown at it, and the recent heavy rainfalls are not stretching the limits of the existing spillway.

When this project is finally finished and a new bridge in place over it, I wonder if the following might be a suitable name for the crossing??


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  1. I just remember Brennan muttering about the dam being unstable because the rebar did not go all the way into the rock. She was WRONG! She shouldn't have sputtered imaginary thoughts just to spur the vote to go the way the $$$ gobblers wanted it to go.

    Wasn't she the same councilor too who blabbed about how her son was sooo happy firefighters had appeared at his door in the neighborhood with flood warning information!?


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