Thursday, March 17, 2016

Colliery Park Spillway Progressing

 Photo credits Andy Porter
This is what happens when
you give engineers and a contractor a blank cheque

The more you realize the enormity of this over-engineered ditch you really have to wonder if we shouldn't have a special opening ceremony when it is finally complete. This is a major new multi-million dollar infrastructure worthy of a high-level ribbon cutting.

Perhaps Mr. Kenning, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Sims, Ms Clift, Mr. Ruttan, Mr. Greves, Mrs.Johnstone, Mrs.Brennan, Mr. Swabey and Mr. Seward should have the honor of dedicating this latest city asset, as I recall they were the ones to champion this investment.



  1. Oh and let's not forget to invite Ms S. Clift too.

  2. What about a gold plaque with all their names on it with a big garbage can beside - where the public can all throw money into as a Sacrifice to the "Gods".


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