Saturday, March 26, 2016

Councillor Fuller Sheds Some Light

Councillor Gord Fuller posted the following comments on Facebook offering some insight into the obvious discord on city council.

Councillor Fuller
Some ask why a letter of non-confidence would be given; was it just because of bullying?  -  No!

The mayor has stopped communicating with members of Council or CAO as required by the Community Charter.

He has not responded to requests through motions made in camera or letters delivered by hand and email from Council;

He is not attending meetings, missing more than 40%, and when he does he often leaves halfway through or is texting throughout;

He is often speaking against the will of Council out in public in a manner that may harm the interests of the City;

He is/has making derogatory remarks about Council members and the CAO in public; and

He is submitting legal and travel invoices for actions that have not been sanctioned by Council.

While he does have unique powers he MUST work WITH his colleagues and follow city policies; he needs to work with council on council business including the use of lawyers and consultants.

He has gone to multiple law firms in attempts to discredit Council and the CAO; this must stop.

The mayor has hidden behind bogus investigations from the beginning of his term, Nanaimo doesn't need another investigation, we don't need an investigator to tell us his behaviour is unacceptable and unprofessional it is time for him to be held accountable and we are trying to do just that.

The above is nothing less than has been given to the press but not necessarily reported by said press.


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