Monday, March 28, 2016

Departure Bay Beachfront Improvement Project

Wheelchair ramp accessibility
Steps leading from all parking areas
Old beachfront sidewalk Photo: city website

$700,000.00 project improves accessibility

The Departure Bay beachfront accessibility and utilities improvement project is nearing completion. The parking area is compacted and ready for new black topping, and after some planting and finishing touches the improvements will be finished.

The project undertaken by Knappett Industries who won the contract with their bid of $672,683.00 + GST will see some major changes to the access at Departure Bay Beach this summer.

The lower picture was taken showing the old access which was causing some issues for people with mobility problems given the slope that was on the old sidewalk. The steepness of the old walkway and car park area could be uncomfortable for many users. It could also be especially challenging for people with added mobility needs like families with young children or strollers; or people using walking aids such as a cane, a walker or a wheel chair. 

The project included several improvements to enhance the area including:

  • levelling parts of the seawall walkway
  • installing new pedestrian access ramps
  • installing new street lights & walkway lights
  • improvements to parking facilities
  • replacement of old storm drain on Loat Street



  1. Just watched the aerial video The City of Nanaimo has on their site of the work being done for the new walkway on Departure Bay Beach. I wonder how much the video cost and why. Hopefully the empty lot beside 7-11,the burned out Amriko building, and the old Surf Shop properties will now be cleaned up or developed.

  2. I guess because every time the city spends tax dollars, there is a squadron of nay sayers who whine about any expenditure at all. Guess aerial 'proof' is needed as well now.


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