Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Evergreen Clematis Showy Fragrant Climber

Our Evergreen Clematis, as usual is covered with showy, fragrant flowers that are nearly intoxicating when they throw off their perfume. Apparently this floral delight is native to China and Northern Burma,

My only complaint with this climbing beauty is the fact it comes into bloom about one month too early. By that I mean the weather is often hit or miss when it hits its peak. 



  1. Everything is so early this year, Camelias were flowering in December! I hope we have some rain this summer, too many beautiful trees died last year. Are your Clematis always early or is this a change associated with the new weather patterns?

  2. This Clematis has always bloomed early. I believe it is properly named Clematis armandii. White, star shaped blossom, very fragrant. Deer are not in my area, so can't say if they are deer tolerant. I suspect they are though.


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