Monday, March 07, 2016

Male Arrested Damaging Nanaimo Sports Field

Bowen West Field - Bowen Rd. & Caspers Way
over $5,000 estimated damage - drive pulling donuts

A 19 year old male was arrested early Sunday morning after a vehicle had been seen "pulling donuts" on a local City of Nanaimo playing field. The male arrested is also being investigated in connection to damage reported to at least five other playing fields throughout central Nanaimo. Damage is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars and both School District 68 and City of Nanaimo playing fields were targeted.

At approximately 1:30 am on Sunday March 6, the Nanaimo RCMP received a report of a vehicle driving on Bowen West, a multi-use field, located at the intersection of Bowen Rd and Caspers Way. Minutes after receiving the report, a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle involved was located and stopped driving north bound on Bowen Road.

A quick examination of the vehicle noted grass and mud stuck to the tires and frame of the older model Jeep. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for Mischief Over $5000 and taken into police custody. The passengers in the vehicle were released and the driver's vehicle was seized for further examination. 

The driver was released several hours later on a Promise to Appear with his first court appearance set for May 24th in Nanaimo Provincial court. 

"Vandalism in our parks and fields costs the City thousands of dollars every year to clean up and repair. We are currently prepping fields for the upcoming ball season and work on the field in Robins Park had recently been completed. Now, we will have to start the process over again", said Al Britton Manager of Park Operations, City of Nanaimo.

"The recent damage to school property not only affects the district’s budget, but more importantly, the community, said Superintendent of School District 68 John Blaine. The district, along with the people in our community are proud of its greenspaces which are available to anyone who wants to use it, but not in this way. Vandalism is a needless cost and individuals who break the law must be held accountable", said Blaine.



  1. And to think this doe-head could have gone to Timmie's to do a donut instead.

  2. Burn his Jeep and jail the creep.

  3. I hope they make this numbskull PAY for all the damage and I hope they are able to determine if he caused the damage to the other fields. He will be working for the next few years to pay off his joyrides, hopefully. Enjoy.

  4. Should have to pay a fine, and have community service. How about getting him to assist in the repairs to all of the fields in question. Maybe try releasing his name.


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