Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mayor McKay Could Be Removed If Council Unanimous

 CTV News
Screengrab CTV News
Province could remove Mayor McKay
if council was unanimous

According to the Province if the call for the mayor's resignation had been unanimous the Province could use legal means to remove the Mayor. But because one Councillor (Councillor Brennan) did not make it unanimous Nanaimo is on it's own. This revelation was contained in a CTV News report at 6:00 pm Wednesday. I have not confirmed the validity of this statement with the Hon. Fassbender.

One of the charges against the Mayor is that he made repeated attempts to remove the CAO from her position as interim CAO, including threats to dissolve Council. Councillor Brennan at one time was going to apologize (as did Councillor Thorpe) for releasing confidential in-camera information regards the process leading to the hiring of the interim city manager. One might assume there is a common denominator here with regards the hiring of Ms Samra. Possibly Councillor Brennan supported the Mayor's attempts to remove the CAO which is why she continues to support him as Mayor.

How long McKay can actually fulfil his role as Mayor when he is isolated from both council and city staff is a serious question to be asked. A statement from the City claims he has only attended 18 of 29 meetings during the past three months. He has failed to respond to questions from both Council and the CAO for the past three months, something required under the Community Charter.

He has also failed to carry forward the wishes of Council on a number of key issues thereby undermining the majority council vote.

Once again, Nanaimo is grabbing headlines extending beyond our sleepy little town with this headline-grabber going across the province, and perhaps across the country.

Nanaimo politics just seems to get curiouser and curiouser.



  1. Definitely need to bring Brennan, as the 8th councillor who is not saying hardly a word, into this whole investigation!

    What was her involvement?

  2. Look! The clouds parted today, no rain - and it's a "Brighter Day"!


  3. Seems to me by not signing the letter she is saying a lot!
    How could 7 Councillors have such a different experience then one other if they are all in the same room? Is the Mayor just not talking to them while still communicating with Councillor Brennan and if so why is he not communicating with the majority of council? Did she not witness the alleged bulling?
    So many questions!

  4. The west couldn't be outdone by the east. Now we have our own Rob Ford of sorts!

  5. I wish there was some humour in this situation but there simply isn't. A 62% attendance record is unacceptable, barring information that the mayor has been suffering from ill-health. If the mayor thinks an acceptable rationale for absenteeism is that the people elected him and not his fellow councillors, he's clutching at straws. The people elected him to attend meetings and otherwise perform his duties -- and provide such leadership as the statutes and by-laws of the city permit -- nothing more, nothing less.

    So, the mayor should start attending meetings regularly and carrying out his prescribed duties or he should resign. If he doesn't and he refuses to resign, then council should censure him and use whatever tools are available to bring him to heel.

    One could also argue that a 62% performing mayor should remit 38% of his salary for being MIA that amount of time.


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