Monday, March 21, 2016

Mayor McKay Issues Statement - Welcomes Samra

Curiouser and Curiouser
Five minutes into the city council meeting, the fire alarms went off in the VICC resulting in everyone having to evacuate the building. There was no sign of fire, but presumably the fire department would have to attend and determine it was a false alarm.

The Mayor said he would be presenting a Mayor's report, although there was nothing on the agenda under that heading.

The Mayor had just gotten into his presentation to Mr. Julian Telfor Wan with a CHAMP Certificate of Recognition award, when the alarm went off. 

The meeting reconvened at 7:18 with a presentation from the Nanaimo Homeless Coalition with results from the recent point-in-time count of the homeless in Nanaimo.

Screengrab: city webcast

Under the heading of Mayors Report, Mayor McKay read a statment basically welcoming Ms. Samra to the role of CAO and stated his strong support of her in that position.

He proceeded to state that he intends to honor the wishes of the electorate and will work together with this council moving forward to advance the interests and business of the city.



  1. The mayors comments were

  2. Mayor double-speak. Mr. McKay and Ms Brennan I hear were the only two on council against Ms. Samra getting the interim city manager's job and Mr. McKay was the sole dissenter in Ms. Samra getting the permanent CAO position.

    After the big blow-up last Monday, it's after-the-fact and quite sickening to hear such an alleged back-pat today. Very disingenuous. Very Flip-Flop, again.

  3. if mayor mckay is going to honor the wishes of the electorate, doesn't that mean he'll resign and trigger a by-election?

  4. Oh Jeez! If his statements mean nothing to you then stop giving them so much attention. Having decided that only his resignation will satisfy you and having failed to get that., then swallow your own pride and stop adding to the tension.

    1. Mr/Ms Jeez,

      McKay's half arse statement does mean zippo. Yes, only his resignation letter will satisfy voters. He's done wrong. Let him hold a by-election and see if he gets re-elected? And yes, everyone will keep this up until he's retired. He's done way too much nonsense and particulars will hopefully soon be released. We'll keep it ongoing.

  5. "Oh Jeez" you mean ignore it, sweep it under the rug and it will go away. Are you Mayor McKay?


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