Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mayor McKay Leaves Meeting

Refuses to attend closed meetings
without lawyer present?

An article in the Bulletin by Tamara Cunningham reports that the Mayor left an in-camera meeting on Tuesday in spite of his statement to Council on Monday evening.

She further reports the Mayor claims he will not attend closed meetings without a lawyer being present. The article went on further quoting the Mayor saying he had concerns about the hiring of the new CAO. This statement seems contrary to his comments about welcoming our new CAO and looking forward to working with her.

If this report is in fact accurate, it raises more than one question. Can the Mayor refuse to attend official city council meetings if he is not represented by a lawyer? If he refuses to attend does that qualify as missing enough meetings to be removed from office? If a lawyer is to be present, who is paying the legal fees?

Apparently, seven city councillors have not withdrawn their letter of non-confidence and their call for the Mayor to resign.



  1. i watched council heading into an in-camera meeting right after council Monday too, did the mayor walk out of that one too?...Not long after he publicly stated at open council to pull up his socks.

  2. How is the mayor even talking to the press without his babysitter, eerrr acting mayor with him?

    You could sense the Monday Council meeting speech was insincere. I will admit, I expected him to at least try for 24 hours.


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