Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nanaimo Food Truck Event - April 2/16


During 2015, the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce and City of Nanaimo worked together to develop new regulations around food trucks operating in Nanaimo. Legislation was put into place that created a much friendlier environment for operators and food truck ‘zones’ were identified in the city centre. To celebrate these moves and draw attention to the changes on our local culinary scene, the Chamber of Commerce is presenting “Food Trucks On The Plaza” downtown on Saturday, April 2.

“Food Trucks On The Plaza” will see 12 food trucks on Diana Krall Plaza serving hungry visitors to downtown from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm. Many of these will be out of town operators introducing their trucks and their menus to Nanaimo for the first time. It is expected that they will be testing the market to see what the local appetite for food trucks will be like.

Chamber President and CEO, Kim Smythe stated “Food trucks act as an attraction and a destination unto themselves. When gathered together, mobile operators present a roving ‘food festival’. When used to vend food at community events, at festivals and in parks, they’re a lively and welcome addition to the festivities. Studies have shown that they actually drive restaurant sales up when they’re in an area so we don’t see them as a threat to existing brick and mortar operators. Time will now tell in Nanaimo.”

“Food Trucks On The Plaza” is taking place on the same day as Vancouver Island Symphony Orchestra’s “Community Day” and the family fun day branded as “PirateFest” – all part of Festival Nanaimo, the month long celebration of arts and culture in Nanaimo. Live entertainment will also be featured on the Plaza.



  1. Good, bring them on, and while they are at it, put in some permanent tables, chairs and greenery-----empty, disgraceful, depressing square :-(

  2. Krall plaza is a dump. City and bia have done absolutely nothing.


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