Friday, March 04, 2016

Taser Used - Shotgun Toting Male Arrested

Weapons seized on Fillinger Crescent

A male was arrested this morning, after reports of a person walking along Hammond Bay Rd with a firearm.

At approximately 11 am on Friday March 4th, 2016 reports were received of a male, walking along Fillinger Crescent near Hammond Bay Rd, carrying what was initially reported as a toy rifle.

Officers responded and upon seeing the male, reported that the firearm appeared to resemble a shotgun. Two officers engaged the male. The suspect then threw the shotgun down, pulled a knife and shouted profanities at them. One officer deployed a Conducted Energy Weapon (commonly referred to as a Taser) which successfully incapacitated the male, allowing the officers to then arrest and take him into custody without further incident.

The firearm that the male had been carrying was examined and was found to be an unloaded, pump action, pistol grip 12 gauge shotgun. Both the knife and shotgun were seized and the suspect male was transported to local hospital for evaluation.


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