Thursday, March 03, 2016

Trump Wall - Queries "How to Move To Canada"

 Trump Canadian Wall Whisper

After Super Tuesday 
guess what trended on Google??

I know, I know this is NANAIMO info but this seemed too funny to pass by. Love him or hate him the 'mouth that roared' knows how to grab the headlines and play the 'press' like some sort of cheap fiddle.

The other night after Super Tuesday a phenomenon was noted by Google watchers that just struck my funny bone. One of the Donald's outrageous headline grabbers was to build a wall at the Canadian border, I presume similar to the one with the Mexican border. Have no idea what he said that was supposed to accomplish, and to be honest I have not been hanging on his every word.

The thing that struck me funny the other day were the search phrases that started trending on Google after Super Tuesday made it clear that Mr. Personality might actually be a serious candidate in the race for the White House. 


1 comment:

  1. yup the American empire rotting from within.
    It got the Romans back in the day !
    And don't for a second, think we are immune to the blight. After all, we have our own rabid, racist, rotting right wing up here as well.


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