Thursday, March 10, 2016

Two More RCMP Officers Approved For Nanaimo

Nanaimo's Council approves two additional RCMP Officers

Nanaimo City Council has approved two additional RCMP officers for 2016, bringing the total number of officers to 142.  As part of 2016 budget planning, the RCMP has presented information regarding increased calls for service and the need for additional police officers.  The two additional officers will be funded through reserves accumulated from RCMP annual contract surpluses.

The RCMP have been in discussions with Council for the past several months regarding increases to their calls for service and the need for additional police officers.

The two new RCMP Officers will be in place in approximately six months time.

"The RCMP serves Nanaimo very well.  However, as our city grows there are increased demands on police time and resources.  Public safety is a main priority, so I am very pleased that Council has found a way to fund an additional two members."  -  Councillor  Ian Thorpe


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