Saturday, April 02, 2016

A Few Nanaimo Snapshots

 Almost luminescent pink tulips in downtown Nanaimo at the Bastion
 The thundering falls in Bowen Park
The 'not-so-babbling' brook in Bowen Park

The weather the past few days has been nothing short of spectacular with near-summer temperatures and clear blue skies. The tulips above are in a planter in front of the Bastion and when the sun hits them just right they do in fact seem to have a radiance of their own. The contrast with the deep purple is quite striking .... kudos to the City gardeners responsible.

The bottom two pics are both taken in Bowen Park, one of those almost under-utilized gems in the centre of town. Within moments of parking you can be transported into the peace and solitude of a near pristine woodland, right in the middle of town.


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