Wednesday, April 20, 2016

An April Day On Central Vancouver Island

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 View from Little Mountain
 View from Little Mountain
 Soaking up some rays at the beach
 Chilling at Fanny Bay
Paddling with the ducks at Qualicum
 Checking things out
 Reflections at French Creek
Doing what Eagles do best

On the way up to Comox to take in the Snowbirds we made a bit of a day of it by taking in some of the natural delights often taken for granted after living here awhile.

First pictures were taken from Little Mountain with it's awesome view of some of the scenery that makes this place so special.

The beach at Tee Pee Campground has a vast sandy area which is popular with dogs and kids of all ages.

The Sea Lions catching some ZZZZZ's in the sun at Fanny Bay, these three look amazingly peaceful given the constant barking as some jockey for position on the platform.

The waters were near dead flat calm and glass like along the coastline and these two kayakers were enjoying their time on the water in the company of some ducks.

This eagle came cruising over the docks at French Creek before perching on the mast of one of the many vessels tied up on the wharf.

Reflections of one of the many vessels at rest at the docks at French Creek. The fish processing plant here is one of the busiest on this side of the Island.

We are constantly looking for that iconic 'something' that will put Nanaimo on the global tourist map, and I am convinced we don't need to try and create another Disneyland to draw people to our shores, we merely have to clearly communicate what makes this Island such a special piece of God's creation.


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