Saturday, April 16, 2016

Brewer's Blackbirds Are Back To Raise A Brood

Pair returns for another season

Last year, this pair (pretty sure the same ones) were regulars at the feeder. It was clear they had nested very close by, although we never saw their nest. They would make regular runs to the feeder together, as they are now. Then as nesting season progressed they came in one at a time and then finally took turns coming in, loading up and making feeding runs to their younguns'.

Finally at the end of the season they showed up one day with brood in tow, showed them were the food was and at that point I presumed they had been booted out of the nest.

Great to see them return for another year. These are the same birds you will see hanging around parking lots in some numbers. My wife used to call them 'creepy parking lot birds', because of their habits in parking lots.


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