Monday, April 18, 2016

Citizen Participation Does Matter - Has Impact

Photo: Screengrab City website streaming video
Resident raises parcel tax concerns
Nanaimo resident Ms Denise Bryce appeared as a delegate before council on April 18 and raised some valid and serious questions about the 'Regional Parks and Trails Parcel Tax Bylaw", 

Bryce had clearly done her research and obviously was far better informed about the tax than members of city council. Seven of those members sit as directors on the RDN and had already approved the parcel tax increase at the RDN boardroom table.

A parcel tax is a regressive tax that is levied against each parcel of property regardless of the value of that property. The million dollar property pays the same as the $100,000 property. Bryce pointed out that she had a difficult time researching this tax and it seems that few people with either the city or the RDN have a clear understanding of what the tax is being used for.

Council finally agreed to table a motion to approve the tax (which they already approved at the RDN table) until the next meeting of council, which will give staff time to answer some of the questions raised by Bryce.


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  1. Thanks to Ms Bryce for an excellent presentation. I hope council can see the value of public participation BEFORE passing knee jerk resolutions, rubber stamping bylaws or simply accepting staff recommendations.
    Cliff Marcil


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