Saturday, April 23, 2016

Colliery Dam Auxiliary Spillway Now Functional

Flood hazard signs removed
warning siren decommissioned

The City of Nanaimo has declared the auxiliary spillway constructed alongside the Lower Colliery Dam functional.  The announcement means public safety measures introduced by the City to manage the risk of the Lower Colliery Dam breaching during a significant rain event are no longer necessary.  Signs located in the identified flood hazard zone below the dam have now been removed and the installed warning siren has been decommissioned.

While construction associated with the building of the auxiliary spillway has wound down, members of the public are advised work related to the spillway project continues nearby. Areas in the park near the lower dam remain closed. Warnings and detour signs must still be observed.

"The auxiliary spillway is ready.  While finishing work remains underway around the structure, the structure can now operate as designed."  -  Geoff Goodall City of Nanaimo 


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