Thursday, April 14, 2016

Council To Reconsider Acting Mayor Stipend

Note: the following item appears on the agenda for the next regular meeting of City Council, April 18/16.

Item 7. (b)
Council Spending and Amenities Policy – Acting Mayor Compensation

Re: Council Resolution No. 13916 passed at the 2016-APR-04 Regular Council Meeting:
“It was moved and seconded that Council amend “Council Spending and Amenities Policy” by removing section 3.2; and, ratify and affirm adoption as amended. The motion carried unanimously.”

[Note: Refers to Council Spending and Amenities Policy, Section 3.2: Acting Pay Rate - The Acting Mayor will be provided acting pay at a rate of 10% of the Mayor’s base compensation.]

Since there is no staff recommendation accompanying the item and it simply 'appears' to report on what had happened previously, I inquired of Legislative Services, the reason for the item. I was told the reason for the item being on the agenda was 'Council pulled the section from the policy so that it could be considered independently this coming Monday'.

Anyone wishing to appear as a delegation to speak to this issue can register as a delegate by going to the city website HERE.

Remember if you need 10 minutes for your presentation you must file before 11:00 AM on the Friday before the Council meeting. In this case by 11:00 am on April 15/16. After that you can still file but will only be allowed 5 minutes.

Be reminded that lack of opposition to this will be considered consent as per Councillor Hong's comments the last time this issue was on the agenda.


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  1. It's like a mini AAP. LOL
    Cliff Marcil


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