Thursday, April 21, 2016

Free Cellphone Service Is Available In Canada

 Fongo Free Phone Service
Click image to visit Fongo website

With your cellphone and a free app from Fongo and a wifi connection you can make phone calls anywhere in Canada for FREE. For a nominal charge you can also make long distance calls.

For a one time fee of $25 you can even transfer your existing number to the new service.  While the service may not be for everyone and some may not be comfortable with making it their only cell phone service, it can be a second alternative you can use and not deplete your airtime minutes under your current plan.

It is worth checking out and it may be the answer to reducing or eliminating the cost of using your cellphone.

Visit the Fongo website HERE for more information about this free service and some of the other features they offer.


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  1. can download BBM (Blackberry Messenger)for free to your iPhone or Android phone and not only phone for free but text, SMS and, if using a Blackberry phone, video call for free over wifi.

    I'm sure other apps are available to accomplish the same thing.


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