Monday, April 18, 2016

Mayor McKay Leads The Pack For Expenses

Expenses Top $27,000.00

I have asked the City for an itemized copy of the monthly expense reports of our Mayor and Councillors for last year. I don't know if that will require an FOI or not. The total expenses for every member of Council is made available on the SOFI report which is published each year and in the past it did not come out until the last day of May or June I believe.

A local radio station did file an FOI for the Mayors expenses last year and they report them to be in excess of $27,000 for the year. That struck me as rather excessive, given it nearly approaches the wages paid to a single councillor for the year.

The following numbers were taken from City of Nanaimo financial reports and show some interesting patterns in spending by our Mayor.

2007 - Mayor Korpan spent $4533.77

2008 - Mayor Korpan spent $5935.17

2009 - Mayor Ruttan spent - $5,674.24

2010 - Mayor Ruttan spent - $8,542.46

2011 - Mayor Ruttan spent - $7,902.76

2012 - Mayor Ruttan spent - $10,615.97
         - Councillor McKay spent $7500.33 (elected in bi-election)

2013 - Mayor Ruttan spent - $11,705.84
         - Councillor McKay spent $14,972.89

2014 - Mayor Ruttan spent - $10,497.13
         - Councillor McKay spent - $11,232.10 (became Mayor in Dec.)

2015 - Mayor McKay spent $27,000.00

In a News Bulletin article of Nov. 18 2014 the Mayor was asked about his spending in 2013, which had exceeded the Mayor that year, his comment to the reporter was quoted as:

I think you are dealing with the trivial to be quite honest with you ... we have a $190 million budget and you are worrying about whether I spent $8,000 or $4,000, really?”



  1. Not happy with his spending habits, not happy with his attitude. Glad I did NOT vote for him, sad the majority did.

  2. If that is really Mr. Fuller's comment above, well spare us the histrionics and just get back to city business please !
    what a mess at city hall


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